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Explaining the different type's of Goldendoodle's.


The world of goldendoodles can get kinda confusing F1, F2, F1b, F2b, & Multi-generational. Then add in mini, toy, moyen, standard and royal and there's the icing on the cake. Im here to help explain in laymen's terms what you are looking at or for in the world of goldendoodle's.

Here is a simple chart that explains the most practical crosses for goldendoodles. Of coarse there are other's if that isn't more confusing. The biggest thing you have to know and trust is your breeder. A good reputable breeders will also DNA test each sire and dam for their coat traits. To better match each pairing that can compliment each other. A Reputable Breeder will also look at each parents personality traits to make the Goldendoodle Breed BETTER than the parents. Here at 24 Karat Doodles we have. a Sire(Cowboy) which is a f2 goldendoodle we DNA tested him to find out his exact percentage of poodle to golden retriever. Then we got a coat test to make sure we matched him perfectly with the right poodle. Which is not on the chart. F2 + Poodle = F2b as well. The reasons we did this is because Cowboy is 67% poodle which he doesn't shed. some f2 goldendoodle's do, so be careful. Down below I'm going to explain coat types for you and what is best for allergy suffers. My son also has really bad dog allergies so I have first have experience.

So from first hand experience I'm going to just say F2b and F1b are your best generations for allergy sufferers.

Now for relaxed grooming requirement I would go with a F1 or F2 generation they tend to have a wavy to looser curl. Which doesn't matte as easily, compared to the fleece type or heavy curl coats tend to be more high maintenance but also can be kept shorter which in turn makes for a easier grooming. Now if your just looking at a puppy and you suffer from allergies look for the wavy to curly coat. Without tons of research into genetics that's my go to when looking to add a pup to our dog allergy family.

Next we will talk about size there are so many and even for a breeder it is very hard to predict a pups size in this breed because of the golden retriever genes so there is always a chance you get a tiny or a large pup out of the litter. the best way to look for is a breeder that uses the step method.

Here is a chart to give you an idea at what your looking at, now let me explain. These sizes are determined by the poodle gene only.

Royal is your X-large (80-120 pound)

Standard is you large (45-80 pound)

Moyen is you medium(20-44 pounds)

Toy or mini is you small (10-20 pounds)

Now here is your warning when you see a 10 pound mini bred to a 80 pound Standard. You will get a un-proportionate goldendoodle example is short legs long torso and short neck. Also litter will be unpredictable half will be mini half will be standard. That is why i choose the step down method, example the sire to dam might be large to small but its in the genes like taking a 1/2 toy half standard poodle and breeding to a standard goldendoodle. With that method you are slightly decreasing the size step by step, which in turn you will have a much more proportionate looking toy or moyen goldendoodle.

I hope this help break down the science of the generations and sizes of goldendoodles for you. here at 24 Karat Doodles we breed Moyen F2b Goldendoodle's, Standard F2b Goldendoodles, and Standard Multi-generational Goldendoodles in our breeding program at the moment. All Have been DNA tested and carefully chosen to be paired together.

Be sure to ask more from you breeders and don't settle for not knowing.

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