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Golden Dots

Our Fur Family

All our dogs live with our family or their own families.

Most of our males have their own families.

All of our parents are health tested or are 2nd generations.

All of our mommas are retired after only 4 litters or less.

We do offer stud services for responsible breeders.

MooMoo is A Standard F1b with black and white parti markings. She is very obedient, loyal and playful. She is A healthy 45 pounds & 22 inches tall. Health Tested


Cowboy is a F2 Multigenerational Goldendoodle. He is a red apricot coat. Very loyal and obedient and is always by my side with such a sweet disposition. He's 65 pounds & 26 inches tall. We do offer stud services.


Dragon is AM GCH,MX,PAN,LAT,NTL,INT CH Magicastle's Ivory Dragon CGC

 He is such a calm and collected soul. He is a champion show dog. Standard Poodle 40-45 pounds


George is our stud he is a Royal Poodle. 29 inch's tall and 75 pounds. He is absolutely the best, best friend I could ever ask for. Sweet, kind , loving and just awesome. He carries for Apricot, Brown and Parti


Marley is our smallest girl weighing in at only 30 pounds and 18 inches tall. She is a Moyen Poodle with Chocolate Merle coat that is showing three colors. She will start our Moyen (medium) Program . She will retire 2023 after her 4th litter.


Phoebe is 1st generation Goldendoodle. She has a Merle Wavy beautiful coat. Very calm and a sweet disposition. She's  60 pounds & 25 inches tall.


Stella is our F3 Multigen  Goldendoodle. She has a beautiful silver merle coat. She is non-shedding and eager to please and such a happy go lucky gal. She is 40 pounds and 23 inches tall. 

24K 2nd Generation

Luna is a F1b Moyen Goldendoodle, she lives with us with her mom Marley. She is 2 years old and 35 pounds. She has a beautiful chocolate merle english doodle curl pattern with the classic goldendoodle 

beard. Luna's parents are Guinness & Marley.

24K 2nd Generation

Leo (Herschel Leopold) is one of our newest sire's, he lives in Tennessee with his amazing mom Abbie and young toddler brother. We searched high and low for the perfect 25 pound moyen goldendoodle, and we found him. He has a beautiful red coat and  classic teddy bear curls. He is such a well mannered, well trained, loving, and also has a mild energy level. He is DNA tested for health, Coat genetics & Proper size predictions. 


Olive is one of our new mom's, she lives with our family. she is a Beautiful 50-pound black F3 goldendoodle,  that carries for Parti .She has a very calm, & sweet disposition. Both her parents are her. (Cowboy & Phoebe)

24k 2nd generation

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